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Established in 1990, Limkaco Industries, Inc. is Manila’s leading standard in signage, awning, tent, and tarpaulin manufacturing. We combine creativity with reliability to create products that elevate brands. 

We believe that tangible problems require tangible solutions. We cater to a diversified market in the Philippines, meeting the growing needs of a variety of business. Our vision is to utilize our products to elevate brands and showcase the Prosperity of the Philippines.

Just as signs and billboards point toward a location or destination, Limkaco acts as a beacon of hope and confidence, allowing our clients’ brands and messaging to really shine through. Our awning offer a place of covering and convergence while adding property value to the existing architectural infrastructure. Our custom designed and installed sliding curtains allow flexibility and durability to delivery vehicles. Our top-of-the-line technically coated waterproof Tarpaulin lines pond beds, pools and dams, protecting reservoirs and cultivating resilient landscape structures.

Limkaco employs the latest advanced technology to customize our products. We collaborate with clients to understand their vision and goals. We design, plan and execute solutions to meet specific needs.

We Help Brands Shine Through the Noise

One quick stroll in the mall or an hour’s trip along EDSA can tell you how intensely competitive brands are in capturing the attention of the local consumers. We know that our clients need to stand out. So, we focus on technology, techniques, and design strategies that help our clients rise above the crowd. Just as signs point toward a location, Limkaco will help you navigate through the noise and get your message across.

We're Backed by Years of Experience

Since 1990, we’ve completed over 30,000 projects. Our decade of experience has helped us take on any project, no matter the scope or challenge. We have also refined our techniques to make our signage, awnings, tents, motorized banners, truck sliders, and filter cloths tangibly better than our competitors’.

We Continue to Innovate for Better Solutions

Our company employs the latest advanced technology in signage, awning, and tarpaulin manufacturing to provide superior products to our clients. But we never stop there. We continue to innovate to create better solutions and speed up the buying process but still keep our price point reasonable for local brands.

We’re not like any signmaker in the Philippines. Limkaco is your partner in boosting your brand recall, expanding your reach, and taking your business to new heights.

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