Protective Acrylic Shields Available in the Philippines

Limkaco Industries is proud to introduce a brand-new product to its lineup for the Philippines: protective acrylic shields. Using this acrylic guard product will allow you to implement practical and cost-effective social distancing measures. Operate your business safely by protecting employees and visitors against the COVID-19 virus and other infectious illnesses.

General ready-made and custom product options

Limkaco offers free-standing, ready-made acrylic shield guards in the Philippines with the following dimensions: 600mm x 800mm, with a thickness of 3mm or 5mm. 

We also accommodate orders for customized acrylic barrier shields from Philippine clients. Limkaco has an in-house design and production team that will produce acrylic shields in sizes and thicknesses that meet your specifications.

Light and impact-resistant

These acrylic guard products are made of clear, lightweight, impact-resistant acrylic. Acrylic guard material is easy to clean and of durable quality.

Effective social distancing applications

Acrylic shields are useful for government offices and private businesses in the Philippines that receive many visitors and require staff to interact face to face with customers.

These anti COVID-19 acrylic shields can be easily installed in supermarkets, banks, retail stores, hospitals, doctor offices, pharmacies, hotels, take-away counters, and warehouses. They can be mounted on desks, counters, or metal framing.

In restaurants, acrylic table shields will provide a protective barrier against airborne droplets between diners. Acrylic shields can also be installed in buffets and other food service areas.

Acrylic shields for office desks and other office areas

Partition office desks and other office areas safely with customized acrylic table shields, or desk acrylic shields that rise from the floor. These acrylic designs can be fashioned into single panels or three-sided paneling as suspended, stand-alone, or floor-to-ceiling partitions.

We’ll produce special acrylic guard designs that adapt to your office’s different areas and functions, such as:

  • front office reception
  • cashier and accounting transaction windows
  • executive offices
  • meeting areas
  • large floor area operations for BPOs and customer service delivery.

Tabletop acrylic barriers can also be useful for hot desks, co-working spaces, and other office common areas.

Resume your Philippine office’s operations in a safer, healthier environment for employees, partners, and clients. Talk to our design team to get efficient customized acrylic guard solutions that work for you.

Acrylic shields for cars, motorcycles, and transport operations

Create safe barriers between drivers and passengers with acrylic shields for cars, motorcycles, and other forms of public and private transport.

Acrylic shields for cars can be cut and shaped according to your vehicle interiors; they can also be framed and mounted with metal clamps or other fixtures. Medium and large vehicle options include acrylic paneling that shields your van or bus drivers from passengers entering and exiting the vehicle, as well as dividers installed in bus rows and aisle areas for the comfort of your passengers.

Protective acrylic shield options are also available to create safety barriers between motorcycle riders and passengers.

Limkaco accepts private individual orders as well as corporate orders from:

  • taxi car and motorcycle taxi companies and partners
  • hotels
  • travel agencies
  • private transport and limousine services
  • bus companies and other forms of public transport.

We’ll design, produce, and aid with acrylic shield installation.

Why Choose Limkaco for Your Acrylic Barrier Requirements?

Limkaco Industries, Inc. is a trusted veteran supplier of signage, awning, tent, and tarpaulin products. We have trusted partnerships in various industries that allow us to source quality materials consistently every time, all the time.

Veteran supplier and product designer

Many of our products are custom designed in-house, according to the needs of our various clients. We enjoy repeat business and our clients choose us for our professional execution and reliable delivery.

Expanding Our Product Lineup to Include Acrylic Barrier Shields

We’ve recently ventured into other product lines to provide more tangible product solutions for our clients. This includes the introduction of new products such as acrylic shields that conform to the New Normal environment.

Help your business or organization flatten the curve and comply with recommended WHO guidelines against the spread of COVID-19. Contact us today to place your order or discuss design and installation solutions.