Philippines’ Trusted Manufacturer For Custom Printed Backlit Acrylic Signs

Limkaco Industries, Inc. is the standard for excellence when it comes to acrylic plastic signages in the Philippines.

Limkaco Produces High-quality Acrylic Business Signs

As the leading supplier of acrylic box signages, you can be assured that each unit is made carefully with our superior technology. We can cater to your various custom cut acrylic sign requirements, from acrylic directional signs to help employees and visitors find their way around your establishment, to three-dimensional lighted acrylic signages for your business’ exterior. Acrylic signs are known for their durability and light weight which makes them a prime material choice for signages because they can last your company for years.

Limkaco Industries, Inc. has helped numerous clients with their acrylic signages with light in the Philippines. We’ve refined our purchasing process to make it as streamlined as possible for our clients. Our team of acrylic signage manufacturers can help you translate your branding and aesthetic ideas into a tangible design that’s custom fit for your establishment’s dimensions. You can count on us to provide your business with high-quality signs that’s suited to your budget.

Lighted Acrylic Signage Design

When it comes to creating eye-catching lighted acrylic signages, you can count on Limkaco to help you accomplish this task. We have a team of professional designers who know exactly what you need to do to make your lighted acrylic signage stand out.

Here at Limkaco, we’re prepared to help you create a sign that will distinguish your business from the rest of your competitors. As a trusted lighted acrylic sign maker, we use only the best materials that can withstand the extreme weather conditions of the Philippines. With Limkaco at your side, you can put your company’s identity out there for everyone to see.

Acrylic Signage Installation

We’re committed to providing you with excellent end-to-end services. As your partner signage maker, we’ll make sure that your acrylic signage with light meets your requirements and your visual goals. Once you’re happy with the manufactured signs, we have a team that’s ready to help you install these signs on your business’ façade.

You’re guaranteed a visually impactful backlit acrylic signage that’s installed correctly and securely with our team.

We also manufacture other types of signages…

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Indoor Signages

Make your space more aesthetically pleasing and take your establishment’s interiors to the next step with an indoor sign for your office. This kind of sign can be informative, and it can also be an accent piece for your business’ interior.


LED Signages

Stand out from your competitors and show your customers where they can find you with LED-lit signages. This kind of sign is an excellent investment for outdoor applications due to its eye-catching and weather-resistant properties.

Why Choose Limkaco for Custom Cut Acrylic Signs?

Limkaco Industries, Inc. utilizes premium materials to manufacture custom printed acrylic signs. We offer a range of acrylic box signages for your various business needs to help increase your establishment’s visibility.

Advanced Lighted Acrylic Signage Technology

We believe that the best way to cater to our customers’ demands is to invest in technology that will provide them with better results. Our company has invested in equipment that will yield consistently accurate results for your brand.

Exceptional Quality

We’ve invested in the best signage-making technology and we have a strong team of creatives who can help you create signages that’ll adhere to your requirements. With our knowledge and experience and your vision, we will manufacture a sign that’s fit for your company.

Customer First Mindset

Our customers are our top priority. Here at Limkaco, you can rest assured knowing that we will put you first and that we will strive to provide a smooth transaction for your backlit acrylic sign needs.

Professional Acrylic Signage Makers

As experts in the signage manufacturing industry, you gain access to our wealth of knowledge and experience. Our team will work closely with you to transform your branding vision into reality.

Philippines’ Top Pick For Acrylic Plastic Signage

Our team has helped numerous clients have superior acrylic signages in the Philippines. Contact us today to know more about our prices and to see the results of the different business acrylic signs we’ve manufactured for our valued clients.