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Making Good Use of the Design Space in Motorized Banners

A motorized banner is a moving display that features a mechanism that scrolls loop-type graphics continuously. You can use this kind of banner for a wide range of applications, including trade shows, product promotions, and exhibitions. If you’re going to use a motorized banner to promote your brand in a trade show or other similar


Snubbed: Why Customers Are Ignoring Your Signage

Businesses that want to attract customers and drive sales successfully should take steps to increase their visibility, and that typically begins with signage. Making and installing quality signs is an effective and straightforward way to boost foot traffic. If done incorrectly, however, the signage may confuse customers and result in potential consumers ignoring the products

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Color Psychology: The Impact of Color in Branding and Marketing

Colors play a vital part in the perception of a brand. Whether you’re a medical supplies store trying to bolster customer trust or a fashion brand trying to connect to a young audience, you can study color meanings to help you effectively connect and attract your ideal customer. With color psychology, you can help build

From Bland to Grand: Why Branding Your Office Space is a Wise Move

The space in an office can go beyond serving as a functional place of business. When appropriately designed, it can be beneficial for both employees and clients. Take Google as an example. Those fortunate enough to have walked into one of their offices will notice the distinct look and feel that every room or corner


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