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Protect Customers and Employees with Acrylic Shields for Shops and Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of disruption for the better part of the year 2020. Today, as more people begin to return to work and to their everyday lifestyle habits, it will become necessary for companies and businesses to become more proactive about protecting customers and employees. This means imposing stricter sanitation measures and

Curtain Sliders for Trucks

Truck Curtain Sliders: A Convenient, Intelligent Transport Solution

    Cargo loads are a complex logistical concern for many companies. Companies have to handle all kinds of deliveries all the time – from large industrial products, to furniture, to everyday goods such as TVs and electronic products or other fast-moving products.  Scheduling, loading, and delivering goods requires good organization. It also requires setting

Creating Outdoor Signage? Make Sure Your Font Represents Your Brand

Signage, such as outdoor signs, is one of the most important marketing strategies for local, brick-and-mortar businesses. A study conducted by FedEx, a multinational courier delivery service company, revealed that standout signage could boost sales. The majority (76 percent) of consumers entered a store they’ve never visited based on the company’s signs. On top of

Post-Election Project: Recycling Campaign Materials

Senatorial candidates, as well as those who ran for local government positions in the recently concluded elections, utilized the power of social media for their campaigns. But, while social media has a wider reach-potential at a considerably lower price, tangible campaign materials are very often still employed. Most, if not all, candidates who ran for




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