New Product: Cadaver Bag Supplies For Hospitals, Mortuaries, And Emergency Medical Services

Since the rise of COVID-19 there has been a surge in demand for protective body bags for dead bodies and cadaver bag supplies in the country. To aid in this effort, Limkaco Industries is introducing its own line of cadaver bag products for the Philippines.

Heavy-Duty Body Bags Made From Lightweight Materials

Limkaco has worked with top suppliers to procure the best material possible for our heavy-duty body bags. Our standard cadaver bag design measures 230 cm x 90 cm and is made of SIOEN brand, high-grade, PVC-coated nylon canvas with a fabric thickness of 430gsm. This material is highly durable with a long lifespan, does not rip or tear, and is easy to fold.

Our cadaver bag material is strong yet lightweight, ideal for heavy duty purposes. It is waterproof and leak-proof, with 6 handles along the sides to facilitate transport.

Standard and Custom Body Bags for Dead Bodies

Our standard cadaver bag design comes in white with black, rust-resistant zippers designed in envelope style. Custom cadaver bag product options are also available for Philippines clients.

Our cadaver bag products are available in retail or wholesale quantities. Please call our Sales Support Team to place your order or request for a quotation regarding our body bags for sale.  

Why Choose Limkaco For Your
Heavy-Duty Body Bag Needs?

Limkaco Industries, Inc. is a trusted veteran supplier of signage, awning, tent, and tarpaulin products and is now a select cadaver bag provider for medium and large-scale healthcare industry clients. We have trusted partnerships in various industries that allow us to source quality materials consistently every time, all the time, to create the body bags we offer for sale.

Veteran Supplier and Product Designer of Heavy-Duty Body Bags

Many of our products are custom designed in-house, according to the needs of our various clients. We enjoy repeat business and our clients choose us for our professional execution and reliable delivery.

Expanding our Product Lineup to Include Body Bags for Dead Bodies

We’ve recently ventured into other product lines to provide more tangible product solutions for our clients. This includes the introduction of products that conform to the New Normal environment, such as body bags for dead bodies.

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