Signage, such as outdoor signs, is one of the most important marketing strategies for local, brick-and-mortar businesses. A study conducted by FedEx, a multinational courier delivery service company, revealed that standout signage could boost sales. The majority (76 percent) of consumers entered a store they’ve never visited based on the company’s signs. On top of that, 75 percent recommended a business based on signage alone.

When making an outdoor sign for your retail store, one of the elements you need to consider is the typography. Fonts convey more than just words. Your choice of typography says a lot about your business and influences how individuals perceive your messaging. The right typeface can drive your message across and attract customers. Conversely, the wrong font can undermine the credibility of your brand and distract your audience.

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If you need help in choosing the appropriate typography for your brand, keep these suggestions in mind:

Decide on the Characteristics You Want Your Brand to Communicate Consider the prominent qualities of your brand. Figure out your brand’s personality and advocacy.

Consider the prominent qualities of your brand. Figure out your brand’s personality and advocacy.

On top of that, take into account the target market of your company. Finding out the interests of your audience will help shape the identity of your brand.

Choose a Font Style that Aligns with the Character of Your Brand

Every typeface has a unique character and personality. Some fonts are formal and traditional, while others are playful and whimsical. When considering font style, pick a typeface that matches your brand’s feel and mood.

Generally, fonts fall under one of these broad categories:

  • Serif – These fonts carry a classic and traditional feeling. They convey respectability, confidence, authority, and reliability. Typeface examples include Palatino, Garamond, and Baskerville.
  • Sans Serif – These typefaces generally have a modern, simple, and clean appearance. Font examples include Futura, Arial, and Helvetica.
  • Script – Cursive fonts typically embody friendliness, creativity, elegance, and femininity. Examples of this font include Lucida Handwriting, Edwardian Script, and Monotype Corsiva.
  • Novelty – These typefaces are fonts that don’t fall under the first three categories. They look eye-catching, fun, and quirky. Additionally, they are flashy and loud, which generates visual interest and looks great as headlines.

Opt for a Readable Font

The brilliant message of your outdoor signage will mean nothing if the text isn’t legible. If you’re creating your sign using a sans serif font, for instance, try typing an uppercase “I”, a small letter “l”, and the number “1” next to each other. You may need to choose a different font style if you are unable to differentiate these three characters.

With so many fonts on the web, it can feel difficult to choose the right one for your brand. Before settling for a particular typeface, feel free to experiment with multiple fonts and refine as you go. As long as your font embodies your brand identity and matches the purpose and mood of your messaging, you’ll deliver a clear and powerful message to your target audience.

Creating Outdoor Signs for Brands

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