Cargo loads are a complex logistical concern for many companies. Companies have to handle all kinds of deliveries all the time – from large industrial products, to furniture, to everyday goods such as TVs and electronic products or other fast-moving products. 

Scheduling, loading, and delivering goods requires good organization. It also requires setting expectations with clients based on delivery distances and time spent on the road. As a result, many companies constantly grapple with how to optimize their truck delivery solutions – and often settle upon large and medium-sized rigid body trucks, or open pickup trucks to manage cargo transport and product delivery.

Closed Trucks and Open PickUp Trucks

While enclosed truck or enclosed trailer bodies can protect cargo from exposure to heat and other elements like wind and rain, they present their own set of challenges.

The first is the loading of goods, which is usually done in the back of the truck.

The second main problem is organizing cargo for delivery to prevent inefficiencies such as First In, Last Out (FILO).

The third big problem is how to unload quickly and efficiently in areas with limited parking or loading spaces.

Other companies settle on open pickup trucks or exposed flat-bed trailers, using simple tarp coverings to protect secure goods from rain or possible loss.

The Alternative Truck Delivery Solution

Side curtain systems for curtain slider trucks are a good inland freight trucking alternative. Made of durable, weather-resistant polymer-based material, truck side curtains are easy to open and close and secure with buckles (such as soft side curtains) or draw open and close (like movable strip truck side curtains).

Here are three ways truck curtain sliders solve some of the issues that we mentioned earlier:  

truck cover

1. Fast loading and unloading.

If you choose a retractable side curtain system, you immediately ease issues with cargo loading. Cargo products of a larger, bulkier size are more easily loaded from the side and onto a long truck – and can be done more quickly and safely with the help of a forklift. Shorter delivery and unloading stops become more achievable for the same reason, as you save time retrieving the necessary cargo and unloading it. You also need less clearance or docking area space to handle and rearrange your goods before moving to your next delivery.

2. Convenient multiple deliveries.

Optimizing transport staff time spent on the road and increasing the number of daily deliveries is more easily achievable. Easily retractable or movable strip curtains allow you to handle multiple loads to multiple destinations without experiencing FILO – a problem that often happens with heavy cargo loads loaded into a closed truck. FILO can become First In, First Out (FIFO) without any problems.

3. Decreased need for in-house cargo-handling staff.

Given certain conditions, truck curtain sliders may also decrease the need for staff aiding the driver in delivering your products. The driver can easily retract the curtain slider and ask receiving parties to assist with the unloading.

If you’re in search of a truck logistics alternative that addresses different cargo handling issues, look into curtain slider trucks solutions for your company.

Easy access, retractable curtainsiders are convenient and customizable in terms of design and material. For example, you can apply thermal barrier to the side curtain that protects products from spoilage, or transform your curtainsiders into cost-effective drive-by advertising.

Work with the best suppliers. Contact Limkaco today to discuss truck side curtain options and help you find the right transport solution for your company.