When online shopping and e-commerce is at an all-time high, the timeliness of delivering cargo has become essential to the logistics and freight industry. In this industry or sector for larger companies and corporation, every second counts. Because even just a few minutes delay can accumulate into a major setback that doesn’t look good for your business, nor does it sit well with your customers.

 Out of the various solutions to solving delays and speeding up freight transportation, curtain side trucks for sale are one of the more effective ways businesses can improve timeliness and productivity. Here’s a run-down on how logistics with a curtainsider can work and why it is more efficient.

Save Time Loading and Unloading

Rather than a traditional truck that opens from the back and takes time to load and unload, curtainsiders open along the length of the freight, providing open access to a larger part of the truck. By being opened from rear to front rather than simply at the back, more people can fill up the truck faster.

This cuts down on loading and unloading times as well as loading trucks from the front going back to ensure that there’s enough space. Curtainsiders on trucks provide a clear view on how much space there is, saving your employees time and making them more productive as they load or unload.

Forklift and Crane-Friendly

Unlike regular trucks where forklifts cannot easily place items at the back of a truck, curtainsider trucks have no walls to block heavy machinery from loading goods onto a truck. This makes it flexible, allows multiple people to load and unload, and takes up less time to load, allowing your employees to finish faster and move on to other tasks.

Improve Your Advertising and Brand Recognition

Aside from logistical concerns, your curtainsiders can also function as an advertisement tool when on the road. The side of your trucks are free real estate, and just because you are replacing your regular freight trucks with curtainsider trucks does not mean you cannot brand your curtainsiders to improve brand recognition when your vehicles are on the road. So, while transporting your goods, your trucks provide free advertising to other drivers and pedestrians.

Protect Goods from External Factors

Weather in the Philippines, temperature, humidity, and other external factors and events can damage or ruin your business’ cargo, which can result in thousands of pesos’ worth of loses. Traditional freight carriers are not necessarily equipped to protect goods from spoilage from heat or cold.

For businesses looking to increase productivity and save time on their logistical operations, consider switching your ordinary freight into a curtainsider. It’s safe, quick to load, and benefits you and your employees over time.