One of the most functional ways to elevate your business’s façade is to install an awning to your entryways and windows. Awnings provide shade from the sun and protection from the elements, all while enhancing your company’s exterior.

There are various awning designs that you can choose from that will suit your business’s style and your building’s architecture. If you own a café or a restaurant, you can even make use of this fixture to add an al fresco option to your operations. Availing of an awning isn’t just an investment in your store’s aesthetic, it’s also an asset for your customer’s protection from the weather.

Now that you know about what an awning can do for your business, we’ll now tell you about the different awning styles you can have for your business. If you’re ready to know more about your options, you can keep reading to learn more.


Square or traditional awnings are the most common awning style you’ll see. This type of fixed awning has a down-slanting front panel and two straight side panels. You can use this style over your doors and windows to keep the sun’s glare at a minimum.

If you have a brick-and-mortar store for your goods, you can use this type of awning to keep your customers and their new purchases safe from the elements.


Dome-shaped awnings can give your property a sleek look. You’ll usually find this type of fixture over entryways, windows, and archways of stores.

You can customize your dome awning to showcase your brand’s logo. If you’re looking to add this awning style to longer entryways and wide windows, this can be elongated to better suit your aesthetic.



For those looking to spruce up their upscale establishments, a convex awning is exactly what you’re looking for.

A convex awning is shaped like a dome, but it has flat ends. The flat ends can be customized to have a unique trim that looks elegant while reflecting your brand’s colors. 


Retractable awnings are versatile because they can be rolled back when you no longer need them. This is perfect for those looking to cover their patios during the day and enjoy the clear skies during the evening.

If you have a restaurant or a café, a retractable awning is an excellent choice for your business because you can fashionably increase your sitting capacity.

Free-Standing Canopy

Free standing canopies can provide shade outdoors without needing to lean against a structure. This awning comes with its own posts and can be put up anywhere.

This type of awning is perfect for those looking to weatherproof their outdoor events without compromising aesthetics. 

Creating an Awning According to Your Design

Once you’ve settled on the commercial awning design you want, you’ll need to find a trusted supplier who can execute your design and be with you every step of the way from conceptualization to installation. At Limkaco, we can help you bring your ideas to life with our top-notch equipment and team of creatives.

We’ve created thousands of weather-resistant commercial awnings for clients big and small. Whether it’s for a storefront, hotel, or cafe, you can rely on us to give you exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Contact us today and see how we can help you transform your firm’s exterior according to your budget and vision!