As restrictions on going out are easing in several areas in the Philippines, many restaurants are now re-opening its doors and welcoming customers to dine-in once more. While there are local and national regulations in place to keep everyone safe, going the extra mile to protect both your diners and staff can help protect everyone against spreading the COVID-19 pandemic.

Your restaurant’s area may have already imposed local and national regulations on re-opening but adding additional safety measures shows your customers that you are dedicated to providing a safe dining experience. Here are a few measures you can take.

Table-Top Acrylics


Not all local governments are enforcing table-top acrylic shields, but doing so can provide an extra layer of protection for your customers. Given that customers are allowed to take off their face masks while eating, acrylic face shields provide an additional layer of social distancing measures to help reduce the risk of spreading the virus, especially when eating indoors. These protect airborne droplets between diners and your staff who are providing table service. 

Table-top acrylic shields are thicker than other shield types but still lightweight, making it more durable and easy to clean after a customer leaves. Full acrylic shields can be used for restaurants where food is served in an individual plate, while restaurants with shared plates can have customized shields that allow diners sitting on one table to pass the food around.

Equip Your Restaurant to Accept Cashless Payments

The risk of limiting your restaurant’s payment methods to cash only is that physical cash passes through plenty of hands and can be a breeding ground for the virus. By allowing debit cards and credit cards, you are providing your customers with an option for fast one-tap payments if your business is properly equipped to accept these kinds of payments.

To take it a step further, opening up your business to phone app payments like GCash, PayMaya, GrabPay, and more. These modes of contactless payments allow your customers to make payments (and your staff to collect payment) without any contact or passing of items, allowing for a safer mode of payment for both your diners and your staff.

Open Up Al Fresco Dining


If possible, make al fresco dining available in your restaurant. If, pre-pandemic, your outdoor dining area was limited to guests who prefer a smoking area, close up the smoking area for the meantime and open the outdoor to all your guests. For restaurants with an open front area, extend a barrier to the front of the lot to accommodate additional outdoor tables for your customers to enjoy.

In case bringing out your chairs and tables is not an option, consider opening your restaurant’s windows and propping the main doors open. Turn off your restaurant’s air conditioners and invest in air purifiers, electric fans, and air coolers.

The risk of airborne transmission of the COVID-19 virus is much higher indoors (where air is circulated) compared to outdoors. By opening your restaurant this way, you are providing air circulation which can help decrease the risk of spreading the virus.

These are just some ways you can go the extra mile to protect your customers and clients from the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Be sure to follow the other local government regulations imposed in your area and follow the quarantine rules applicable.

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