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Make sure your dewatering process has a solid front line. Turn to us for high-quality filter cloths.

Solidify Your Dewatering Process With High-Quality Filter Cloths

Build your filtration process on solid ground with high-standard filter cloths from a quality manufacturer in the Philippines. At Limkaco Industries, Inc., we sell a range of filter cloths designed to withstand extreme pressures in various applications.

Replace Filter Cloth Promptly

When running a filter press to separate liquids from solids, you have to make sure filter cloths are in tip-top condition. Remember, the fabric weave of cloths stretches over time. This can lead to the material becoming too porous, causing the filter press to perform poorly. When your filtration equipment no longer forms a solid cake, it’s time to call us for filter cloth replacement.

We’re a Trusted Name in Filter Cloth Manufacturing

No matter your industry, count on us to produce filter cloths that suit your needs. Our company has invested in the latest precision, high-technology equipment to ensure consistent sewing and fast cutting. We customize cloth to match the specs of your facility’s filter press, providing a perfect fit. Our staff is also here to assist you so that you will get the correct cloth type and size specified for your application.

Whether you need filter cloths for a gasketed, non-gasketed, center-feed, or corner-feed filter plate, trust us to deliver excellent products. To get competitive quotes on the price of filter cloths in the Philippines, give us a call today. Let’s talk more about your filter cloth requirements.

Our Products

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Do you need filter cloths that can match the high fill pressure of gasketed plates? We have them.


Cloths for non-gasketed plates are faster and simpler to install. Talk to our staff to know more.


Ensure thorough cake washing integrity with the right filter cloths for center-feed plates.


Corner-feed plates have design advantages. Still, you need suitable filter cloths for them to work correctly.


Membrane plates can shorten the filtration cycle time. Boost that capability with high-quality filter cloths.

Plate and Frame

Remove liquid from a liquid-solid slurry efficiently with Limkaco’s top-notch filter cloths.

Why Choose Limkaco?

Limkaco Industries, Inc. is a trusted filter cloth manufacturer in the Philippines. Over the years, we’ve supplied filter cloths to various industries, helping facilities perform efficient filtration at all times.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Thanks to our state-of-the-art technology, we get to manufacture high-standard filter cloths designed for multiple applications. Our technology also helps our production facility provide a fast turnaround time.

A Decade of Expertise

Limkaco has been in the filter cloth manufacturing business for a decade now. Our experience helps us take on any product order; we can customize filter cloths to ensure a perfect fit for your filter press.

Customers Are Our Priority

We go above and beyond to exceed our customers’ expectations. Our staff is ready to guide you in selecting the right filter cloths for the specific plates of your filtration equipment.

Collaborative Approach

In case you need custom filter cloth products, count on our team to collaborate with you. We make sure the cloth is designed correctly before we begin production, to assure high-quality output.

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Keeping your water treatment plant or mining operations’ filtration process efficient and uncompromised is a colossal task. But we’re here to help you safeguard your dewatering operations with high-quality filter cloths.