The Leading Interior Signage Manufacturer in the Philippines

Limkaco Industries, Inc. makes expertly crafted indoor signs for businesses that will leave a lasting impression on their customers.

Strengthen Your Business’ Branding with a Commercial Interior Signage

Using indoor signs for businesses, offices, and restaurants can help promote consistent branding that can attract potential customers. Use custom indoor business signs to mark your location for employees and clients alike, it can also aid in setting the mood for office visitors and staff. You can utilize these signages to provide useful information to your visitors such as operating hours, safety hazards, and business locations. Creating identification signs for bathrooms, electrical rooms, and conference halls can also help individuals easily navigate the facility.

As a trusted indoor signage supplier, Limkaco Industries, Inc. will work closely with you to provide clear indoor signages for your business that adhere to your corporate branding. You can rely on us to manufacture high-quality indoor signages that will stand the test of time. Our team will make sure that you receive the signage solutions that you require promptly. No matter the industry, you can count on us to provide you with consistent products that will reflect your company’s values. Contact us today to get a quote.

Why Choose Limkaco for Your Interior Signages?

As an industry expert in manufacturing custom indoor business signs, Limkaco Industries, Inc. can provide you with the interior commercial signage you need for your company. Our team can help you translate your design into tangible results.

Superior Technology

We have the technology to manufacture expertly crafted commercial interior signages. Our superior technologies allow us to utilize durable materials that are weather resistant, design signs that accurately reflect your brand, and print consistent results for your numerous business locations.

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

With an industry experience of more than four decades, we can guide our clients to design indoor signs for their businesses that are visually appealing and adherent to their branding. We can ensure that your design is tailor-fit for your establishment.  

Customer-Focused Service

We provide top-notch customer-centric services for our clients. You can tell us what your business needs and we’ll employ all our resources to provide you with a custom indoor business sign that meets your standards.

Collaborative Approach

We’ll work collaboratively with you to better understand your company’s needs and goals. Our team will help you translate your vision into tangible indoor signage for your business that’s consistent with your branding and quality requirements.


Our team of designers will make sure that your vision is translated into tangible results that fit your budget.  Contact us today to know more about our manufacturing services for custom indoor business signages in the Philippines.