A motorized banner is a moving display that features a mechanism that scrolls loop-type graphics continuously. You can use this kind of banner for a wide range of applications, including trade shows, product promotions, and exhibitions.

If you’re going to use a motorized banner to promote your brand in a trade show or other similar event, it’s a good idea to utilize the design space properly to maximize the signage’s appeal and impact. Remember that you only have a few seconds to grab the attention of passersby in a gathering. The effective use of banners can hold the key to attracting prospects.

Here are a few suggestions to help you out:

Cater Your Message to Your Target Audience

Researching your target market and determining the specific needs of your prospects will allow you to utilize your banner more effectively. Doing your homework enables you to select the appropriate graphics and create a striking copy that would look and read well in the design space.

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Use Text and Images Effectively

Refrain from overcrowding the banner’s design space with lots of wording and images. A cluttered design may send the wrong message to your prospects. On top of that, it could imply that your business lacks focus or organization.

As much as possible, use one big and colorful image per banner together with as few words as possible to convey your main message. If people are unable to discern your message or your brand right away, there’s a good chance that they’ll ignore the content. Bottom line: Less is more when it comes to banner design.

Keep the Design Visually Distinctive

Focus on bold but straightforward graphics that match the logo and image of your company. The goal of a banner in a trade show or exhibition is to draw individuals to your booth or at least make your company more memorable to people.

Select the Right Colors

When it comes to the colors you’ll be using to design your main image, choose the hues that can help you boost attract attention and increase sales. Yellow and red, for instance, are high-energy colors that can grab the attention of passersby.

Make Sure the Text is Readable

If you use a motorized banner for a big event, see to it that the text is readable from 15 feet away. Use a font type that is strong, large, and easy to read. If possible, add a logo to the design to highlight the identity of your company.

Leave Some Negative Space on the Banner

White space, also called negative space, does not contain any graphics or text. This empty space can boost the impact of the design of the banner. When coming up with banner design, resist the urge to fill or use up all of the white space. Doing so could make your design appear crowded and challenging to read.

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