Modular Tents for Sale – Solution for Evacuation Centers, Social Distancing

Introducing Limkaco’s latest tent product offering: modular tents for emergency and evacuation centers in the Philippines. This product allows LGUs and private entities to provide temporary shelter for communities affected by disaster, health emergencies, or COVID-19 related situations.

Modular tent design

These open-roof modular tents are made of polyester with a waterproof coating and measure 2.5m x 2.5 x 1.7m. These tents come in a standard dark blue color with silver lining and their own carrying case.

Multiple modular tent blocks can be easily installed in indoor or partially covered areas to give temporary shelter in times of evacuations, health emergencies, or natural disasters. They’re also a viable solution for social distancing, quarantining, and temporary front-line worker shelter.

Portable, easy to install and re-install

Modular tents for evacuation centers are space saving, easy to pop out of, easy to fold back into their casing. and easy to install on various flat surfaces. They’re equally easy to dismantle, transfer, and reinstall in minutes in other locations.

This modular tent solution is lightweight and portable, washable, and quick drying.

Limkaco offers these modular tents for sale in retail or wholesale quantities. Please contact us to give us a quotation for your company or LGU.

Why Choose Limkaco?

Limkaco Industries, Inc. is a trusted veteran supplier of signage, awning, tent, and tarpaulin products.

We have trusted partnerships in various industries that allow us to source quality materials consistently every time, all the time.

Veteran supplier and product designer

Many of our products are custom designed in-house, according to the needs of our various clients. We enjoy repeat business and our clients choose us for our professional execution and reliable delivery.

Expanding our product lineup

We’ve recently ventured into other product lines to provide more tangible solutions for our clients. This includes the introduction of evacuation center tents that create safer environments for communities suffering disruption caused by disaster, calamities, or the New Normal.

These standard evacuation modular tents are available in custom quantities.Contact us today to place your order or discuss your specific requirements.