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Make your business easily identifiable with Limkaco Industries, Inc.’s high-quality exterior business signs.

Custom Weatherproof Outdoor Signs For Your Establishment

Limkaco Industries, Inc. can draw attention to your business by creating eye-catching exterior business signs that are weatherproof and aesthetically pleasing. Any custom outdoor retail signage that you dream of, we can help you execute. Whether it’s a sign for your storefront, your company’s logo, or your restaurant, we’ll help you attract customers to your establishment. We’ll create exterior store signages that are aligned with your branding and your store’s aesthetic that will help you build customer loyalty and brand recognition.

You can rely on our team of creative designers with years of experience in creating signages to turn your ideas into reality. As one of the most recognized signage makers in the Philippines, we can provide you with a hassle-free design and sign purchasing process. We’ve delivered excellent results to different industries in the country, and superb after-sales service with our hands-on client communications team. You can count on us to deliver quality exterior store signages that meet your standard.  

Choosing Limkaco for Custom Made Signs for Outdoors

With over decades of industry experience in creating custom outdoor retail signages, Limkaco Industries, Inc. is known as a top manufacturer of exterior signs for businesses in the Philippines. Working with Limkaco will guarantee excellent results and hassle-free transactions. 

Superior Technology

We use advanced techniques and superior technology to manufacture high-quality custom weatherproof outdoor signs. Our knowledge of material selection, printing, and product installation will ensure that your sign is installed correctly and visually impactful.   

Unparalleled Craftsmanship

Manufacturing custom outdoor retail signage that’s weather-resistant requires an understanding of signage materials that our team possesses. You can rely on our team to turn your visual concepts and aesthetic goals into a reality with our superior craftsmanship.

Customer-Focused Service

Whatever your requirements are, we’ll go above and beyond to fulfill the design goals for your exterior store signage. We believe in putting our customers first and in building lasting relationships with our valued clients.

Collaborative Approach

Our team believes that in order to accurately make your business’s exterior sign, we’ll need to collaborate closely to better understand your company’s values and needs. This approach allows us to better execute your design.

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