Senatorial candidates, as well as those who ran for local government positions in the recently concluded elections, utilized the power of social media for their campaigns. But, while social media has a wider reach-potential at a considerably lower price, tangible campaign materials are very often still employed. Most, if not all, candidates who ran for various positions in the last election still used paper posters and tarpaulin banners. After all, in the Philippines, there is still a portion of the voting public that is not online or has limited access to the internet.

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While it’s perfectly fine to use these campaign materials, their improper disposal results in plenty of garbage and waste that can be harmful to the environment. As responsible tarpaulin makers in the Philippines, it’s our job to inform you of how you can turn discarded campaign materials into useful, recycled or upcycled crafts like the following:

Raised Garden Beds

In cities across bustling Metro Manila, there isn’t typically a lot of free space for gardening. Many young people today are pursuing a healthier lifestyle, so they want to eat fresh produce. Raised garden beds are the perfect solution to this conundrum. They’re great for growing small plots of vegetables and flowers, so even if you have a very small garden, you can still grow your own veggies.

There are many easy-to-follow steps on how to create raised garden beds online. The use of tarp comes into play when you’re lining your garden bed. This is to prevent the weeds from growing into the soil that you’re going to put in there.

Sunshades and Tents

Lots of Filipinos love celebrating different occasions outside their homes. But how about when it’s hot or rainy out, which is practically the weather all year round? You don’t want your guests sweating profusely and being baked under the sun, right? Nor do you want them getting wet in tropical showers.

If you have leftover tarps from campaign materials, you can string them together and create a makeshift sunshade or tent. Trust us, as manufacturers of awnings and tents, we know a thing or two about people’s need to escape from the sun’s heat and from light rains. Your guests will thank you for it.

Bean Bag Chairs

girl sitting in a bean bag

Bean bags are a great alternative to stuffy couches and stiff chairs. You can readily carry them from one room to another and they’re extremely comfortable to sit on. If you have enough tarp from campaign materials, you can easily make bean bags out of it. In fact, the EcoWaste Coalition was able to make bean bag chairs out of campaign materials.

Mixed-Use Bags

Single-use plastic bags should be frowned upon today since they contribute to a lot of waste that goes into our oceans. An alternative to these single-use plastic bags when you’re shopping, whether it be at a wet market, the grocery, or the mall, are tarpaulin bags. They are incredibly easy to make, even kids can help with minimal adult supervision. Creating a shopping bag out of tarpaulin campaign materials not only reduces plastic waste, but it’s also a great bonding activity for you and your child where you can teach them the importance of recycling and upcycling.

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