There are many ways to market your products and services. You can also explore various strategies when introducing your brand to your target audience.

Nowadays, most businesses are investing in digital marketing to reach their prospective customers. They harness the power of the internet to let their target audience know more about their brand and the products and services they offer.

However, aside from digital marketing, companies still go back to traditional marketing—especially printed media—to increase their brand awareness and advertise their products and services. One of the traditional marketing strategies they often cannot do without is printed tarps. This method of advertisement is popular among companies because of the various benefits it offers:


Advertising your products and services using printed tarps is much cheaper than using an LED billboard or TV advertising. You can also choose from a variety of tarp sizes and styles even when you have a limited budget, making this marketing technique ideal for small businesses.

Wide Audience Reach

When it comes to audience reach, traditional marketing has a bit more edge than its digital counterpart. This happens because when you use traditional marketing—specifically printed tarps— you can reach individuals residing in areas that don’t have access to the internet. 

This means that you can let your target audience know about your company and what you offer through printed tarps alone. All you need to do is distribute your printed tarps to rural and remote areas and post them at high-traffic areas, such as sari-sari stores.


Visually Appealing

Another benefit of using printed tarps to advertise your products and services is their visual appeal. When you create a full-color design for your marketing tool, you can easily grab the attention of any passerby and potential customer. This can happen often if you post your printed tarp at a strategic location.

To make sure that your printed tarp can grab the attention of people in the area, you should make several considerations when it comes to your design. You should make sure that every element and color on your tarp design makes sense and doesn’t make it look crowded. For better results, you can work with a professional graphic designer. They have the knowledge and skills required to make your tarp design visually appealing.


When you choose printed tarps, you won’t have to keep replacing them after a few months or years. This is possible because tarpaulins are known for their durability. Depending on what they’re made of, tarpaulins can be waterproof and even sunproof.

So, even if you place your printed tarp outside where it can be exposed to the sun, rain, and other elements, you can count on it to last. However, this does not mean that printed tarps can only be placed outdoors. You can still use your printed tarp indoors, and they’ll be visually appealing as usual.


Variety of Options Available

There are different types of tarpaulins you can choose from depending on your specific needs and where you’ll be posting your printed tarp. Here are some of the types of tarps available in the market today:

  • Canvas – highly breathable and can be treated to become UV- and water-resistant
  • Polyester – waterproof but can be noisy during windy days
  • PVC Coated – waterproof and provides excellent sun, moisture, and mildew resistance
  • Vinyl – high strength and tear-resistant

Get Printed Tarps for Your Business

Advertise your products and services using visually appealing, durable printed tarps. To ensure the quality of your marketing tool, turn to us at Limkaco Industries, Inc., one of the leading tarpaulin manufacturers in the Philippines. You can count on us for vibrant and sturdy printed tarps anytime.