Our team installed retractable awnings to make this outdoor pool in Subic more enticing.

Limkaco designs and installs high-quality retractable awnings in the Philippines. We make various types of these outdoor covers for businesses, including patio, pathway, and indoor awnings. With a push of a button, you may provide a nice shade for your outdoor patrons.

As a top manufacturer and supplier of awnings in the country, we collaborate with customers closely to produce an outdoor cover that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our team carefully takes note of your preferences when we plan and design the awning for your business.

We also use advanced technology to create awnings for commercial spaces. Once they’re ready, we install them in your business establishment, provide tips on how you can maintain your customized awning, and leave your premises with a beautiful and branded overhang.

Why Install a Retractable Awning

Here a few benefits of installing a retractable awning in your commercial establishment:

  • Makes Your Business Look Visually Pleasing – An eye-catching awning draws the attention of passersby and helps your storefront stand out from other establishments in the area.
  • Keeps Your Customers Safe – A retractable overhang safeguards your outdoor patrons from harsh weather, and allows them to stay covered and comfortable.
  • Protects Your Property from Harsh UV Rays – The sunlight that passes through your windows contains harmful UV rays, which may cause fading and discoloration. Installing an awning protects your floor covers and outdoor furniture from the damaging rays.
  • Helps Reduce Energy Costs – When the temperature in your business rises due to the sun’s heat, you might turn on the air conditioners to keep your premises cool. This, however, can raise your electricity cost. Awnings provide shade from the sun to help keep the temperature down and minimize energy usage.

Get Retractable Awnings for Your Business Today

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