Help your business gain attention at trade shows, huge events, and other places by using tarpaulins. This type of traditional media is a great way of advertising your brand, products, and services while also allowing you to enjoy various benefits.

We’ve made a guide to help you create your own tarpaulin signage for your business and know more about the benefits it could bring to your business.

Start Creating Tarpaulin Signages for Your Business

Choosing tarpaulins as a marketing strategy for your business is a smart move, considering all the benefits you can enjoy through this medium. However, to ensure that you become successful in your advertising efforts, you need to consider various factors before printing your tarpaulins.



Before designing a tarpaulin for your business, you need to determine the size of your signage. There are several standard sizes that most businesses use for their tarpaulin signages:

6 feet x 3 feet (72 inches x 36 inches)

This is a standard tarpaulin size that businesses often use due to its versatility. Most signage manufacturers will be able to accommodate this size.

4 feet x 2 feet (48 inches x 24 inches)

The 4’ x 2’ tarpaulin size can often be seen hung on sari-sari stores to market a company’s product. Additionally, these kinds of tarpaulins can be seen in all kinds of events such as weddings, team buildings, and birthdays.

8 feet x 4 feet (96 inches x 48 inches)

This is another size that companies often use to market their products and services. This size is still considered to be standard thus, most tarpaulin suppliers will be able to accommodate your requirements.

Aside from these standard sizes, you can base the size of your tarpaulin using a ratio. Most commonly, businesses apply the 1:2 size ratio on their signages, as shown by the tarpaulin size guide listed above.

This vertical tarpaulin size ratio is ideal for tarpaulins that contain your logo. It is also optimal for designs that include more than two lines of text.

The other size ratio you can use for your signages is 1:3. These proportions are best for landscape tarpaulin designs that contain only a few words or a wide logo.

The size of your signage depends on what you will use it for and where you will display it. If you are thinking of using it outdoors, then you should ensure that it is big enough to be seen from a distance.

You should also remember that the size of your tarpaulin will influence your design. The signage’s width and length can dictate the size of your font and graphics.


Layout and Design

Your signage contains a single, focused message that will help you get more leads for your business or convert prospects to customers. To ensure that you convey this message effectively to your target audience, we’ve made a guide to help you make a tarpaulin layout and choose design elements for it:


Your text should be large enough to be read from a distance. This means choosing an easy-to-read font for your signage, such as Helvetica, PT Sans, and Georgia.

You must also remember not to have more than five lines of text on your tarpaulin signage. Having too much text on your banner may cause your target audience to lose interest in your message.


Help your target audience remember your signage’s message better by including a relevant image in your design. By using unique photos and optimizing your images according to your tarpaulin’s size, you increase the visual impact of your signage.


Using brighter colors on your signage can help you attract the attention of your target audience. Doing so will also allow you to entice people to take an action, such as buying your product or contacting your company.


One of the most important things to consider when creating a design for your signage is the layout. Make sure that you provide proper spacing and placement for the elements in your design, including your company logo, message, and CTA.

Prepare Your Design for Printing


Before you have your design printed, you should ensure that your file is properly set up. After all, you would not want to have a tarpaulin sign that does not resemble the design you gave the print shop.

Here are the things that you should do before having your design printed:

  • Switch your file’s color mode from RGB to CMYK.
  • Convert your design to 300 dpi.
  • Ask the print shop what kind of files they accept. Change your design’s file type accordingly.

Benefits of Using Tarpaulins

You may be wondering why you should still consider using tarpaulins for your market if you’re already maximizing your digital assets. Using this traditional media to advertise your product has numerous benefits, including the following:


Nowadays, businesses can use LED screens and TV commercials to promote their business. However, they still go back to using tarpaulins because of their cost-effectiveness. Tarpaulins do the job of digital advertising screens at a much lower cost.


With tarpaulins, you can advertise your business indoors or outdoors, no matter the weather. They are manufactured using sturdy materials, such as PVC fabric, allowing them to withstand the elements.

Wide Audience Reach

Traditional media is the most ideal method of advertising in places that do not have a stable internet connection or are too far from the city. You can use tarpaulins to promote your brand in these areas without worrying about connectivity and electricity issues.

Additionally, tarpaulins can be easily transported to various places. This is possible because these large sheets can be folded or rolled to fit a small space and shipped without spending too much.

Find a Reputable Tarpaulin Manufacturer

Now that you have your design ready and have determined the right tarpaulin size, it is time to have your tarpaulin printed. Make sure to choose a tarpaulin manufacturer that can easily satisfy your needs and preferences.

At Limkaco Industries, Inc., you can count on us to provide you with tarpaulin signs made with High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) materials and that can withstand any harsh conditions. Our team can also print your designs on tarpaulins to transform your marketing ideas into tangible advertising solutions.

For more information on how we can assist you, get in touch with us.