A filter cloth serves to optimize the operational productivity of a filter press and dewatering system. Through a filtration media, such as the filter cloth, any equipment that aims to sift through solids and liquids can only work as effectively. Slurries eventually accumulate and help capture further solid particles. Overtime, however, a damaged filter cloth will not perform and can affect your entire operation if it isn’t replaced accordingly.

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Factors That Affect Filter Cloth Durability

The cloth life of a filter is shortened due to a variety of reasons involved in the filtration process, such as wear and tear, abrasion due to mechanical and chemical damage, and clogging due to material blinding. Here are the other factors that can reduce filter cloth performance:

  • Frequency and effectiveness of filter cleaning and maintenance
  • Efficiency of cake discharge mechanisms set
  • Operational conditions that can affect different applications
  • Nature of materials and slurries, such as coarse and dense particulates

Given the significance of these conditions, filter cloths will eventually require replacing. Poor cake releases, for instance, can be a sign of an ineffective filter cloth.

The Signs That a Filter Cloth Needs To Be Replaced

As earlier mentioned, a variety of factors can influence the durability of a filter cloth. Normal wear and tear occur, especially with abrasive materials, but for any filter press application, quality cloth material should be capable to endure for thousands of cycles. Repeated filtration cycles will, naturally, embed slurry particulates into the cloth mesh, thus affecting your filtration cycle rates.

Here are the other signs that your filter cloth is going to need replacing soon:

  • Considerably longer filtration times
  • Filter cakes are wetter and sloppier, and less solid compared to earlier samples
  • The filtrate appears muddied with impurities
  • Evident holes are peeking in the filter cloth

Even with the utilization of appropriate filter cloths for specific filtration systems, these are unavoidable consequences that accompany constant use. This means that regular inspection and maintenance is necessary to always ensure a smooth and seamless dewatering system.

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