Businesses across the globe can attest to the importance of making an excellent first impression on their customers. These first impressions often happen before a customer sets foot inside your establishment, which is why shop front signs are important to your business’ success. These signages are your silent employee and it’s crucial that you design these well and use high-quality materials to ensure their longevity. But one of the most difficult parts is designing it.

Designing a shop front signage design for your establishment isn’t as simple as one would think. There are a multitude of factors that come into play when creating signage that will get your business noticed. Usually, when you put signage for your shop, you want a passerby to take a second look at your sign because they find it visually appealing. But of course, you also want to give them all the information they need to know about your company before moving on.

Another thing to consider is the type of signage you’re using. Most businesses use lighted signages for outdoor applications to make their signs more visible to pedestrians. Others may not have the luxury to splurge on this type of signage so they opt for a regular sign. Regardless of the type of sign, it must be designed well to give visitors the information they need about your business.

Creating a shop front sign can be difficult. It can be a balancing act of too much and too little but, it’s such an important signage for your business that you should continue working on it until you get a result that appeals to your market and adheres to your branding guidelines.

We know how creating a shop front sign can be difficult, this is why we’ve listed down six tips on how to make your storefront sign stand out from the crowd while staying informative. Let’s get started!

Use Colors to Your Advantage

Creatives from all over the globe know the role that colors play in the psyche of customers. For example, the color red is known to stimulate the appetite. This is probably why there are numerous food brands that use red in their logos and interiors.

When you’re creating a sign for your business, you’ll want to take note of the effects of different colors on your customers. Aside from this, you’ll also want to make sure that your signage has adequate contrast. That means, if you have a dark background, you’ll want to choose a light color for the text.

A tip to find good contrasting colors is to use a color wheel and see which color is directly opposite of your chosen shade. This guarantees that you’ll always have a visually pleasing sign with colors that tastefully contrast each other.

Have a Clear Sign

Another critical store sign design tip is to select a font that’s easy to read. Cursive fonts may be pretty to look at, but they can be difficult to read for individuals in a rush. When a passerby is walking to their destination, they won’t have the time to stand around and decode your sign. This is why you need to have a readable sign that contains all the information they need.

Remember, signage design is important, but you must still put informativeness above all. It’s possible to have both, you just need to know the right way to do it.

Here are some tips you can implement for your signage to look informative and visually appealing:

  • Use fonts that are easy to read.
  • Add adequate spacing between text.
  • Add graphics to help customers understand the nature of your business.
  • Keep it short and simple.

Sign Size Matters

When you’re crafting a sign, you’ll need to know where it’ll be placed so you can get the sizing down. If you’re placing your signage outdoors by a parking lot, you’ll want to opt for bigger texts that can easily be seen by traffic. But, if you’re making a sign to hang on your shopfront, you can go with something smaller.

A common guideline most signage makers use is to make the font size at least one inch big for every ten feet of viewing distance. So, if you want your sign visible from 200 feet away, you’ll need to make the sign’s text 20 inches big.

Add Some Light

Whether you’re placing a sign indoors or outdoors, you might want to think about adding some light to it. This is so your sign can still be visible at night and so it can be attractive to your customers, which can greatly help in directing customers to your business. There are numerous lighted options available on the market with LED signs being the most common.

Depending on the type of aesthetic you want your company to exude, you can use different types of lights to make this happen. Neon lights are perfect for giving your store’s façade a pop of color. Choosing a backlit acrylic sign for outdoor applications can turn heads and draw customers into your store.

Choosing the right type of lighted signage whether it’s an LED, acrylic, or lighted panaflex signage won’t just help you attract new customers but, it can also differentiate your business from your competitors. Making this an excellent investment.

So, let’s say that your store is located in the busy streets of Makati. Given the number of businesses in this area, it’s not enough that you have a well-designed sign. You probably also need to add lights to it to draw the eyes of potential customers.

Remember Your Brand

Think of your sign as a silent employee, your sign will tell the world about your brand day in and day out, which is why it’s critical that you craft a sign that will look presentable at all times. You’ll want to ensure that your signage adheres to your brand’s guidelines and that it’s made with high-quality materials that will leave it looking new even after years of service.


Manufacture a High-Quality Sign

Once you’ve nailed the design down, you’ll want to make sure that your signage is manufactured using materials that can withstand the weather and maximize visual impact. To have this, you’ll want to work with a trusted manufacturer who is knowledgeable about signage design and materials.

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