Marketing is a critical part of any business strategy. With the rise of digital media, it’s easy for some to disregard the effects of traditional marketing and go all-in on digital marketing. However, what people fail to realize is that in marketing, you need to utilize different types of traditional and digital marketing to achieve your goals.

But before you learn why you need both marketing types; you must first learn what sets these two apart. Let’s get started!

What is Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing makes use of offline media such as newspapers, billboards, and events to reach out to new clients. With traditional marketing, your customers should be able to find a physical representation of your company out in the world.

An example would be when you’ve posted a customized sign of your brand in front of your store and you attract new customers to visit your shop, that’s one form of traditional marketing.

Of course, there are other forms of traditional marketing that businesses use. Here are some other types of traditional marketing:

  • Handouts
  • Billboards
  • Direct Mail
  • Print Ads
  • Event Marketing
  • Referrals

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing is advantageous for companies looking to increase their product’s visibility somewhere to reach a wide range of demographics. This type of marketing allows your company to be everywhere – all at once. 

Your audience will be able to see your billboard during their commute to work, recognize your shopfront’s sign as they walk down the street, or maybe even interact with your staff as they receive flyers about your products.

Traditional marketing enables you to attract your target market with the right design and placement of your collaterals.

Disadvantages of Traditional Marketing

While traditional marketing gives you access to a wide network of people, it can be more expensive compared to digital marketing. How so? In traditional marketing, you must consider the price of printing your company’s collaterals and leasing spaces where you can show it off.

Another disadvantage to this type of marketing is that you can’t get a quantifiable result of your campaign’s performance. So, it can be harder to adjust your strategy to mimic feedback from your audience.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing has come a long way from just being a pesky ad that you saw at the top or bottom of a web page. This type of marketing has refined itself to integrate ads directly into your Facebook feed, Instagram stories, and Youtube videos.

Digital marketing is an essential part of the marketing strategy for most companies because they know that almost everyone is on the internet. But, did you know that there are various forms of digital marketing? We’ve listed some of the other types of digital marketing below:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-Click
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Mobile Advertising

Advantages of Digital Marketing

This type of marketing allows you to reach new continents without needing your collateral to be physically present. It also allows you to stay up to date with marketing trends and immediately roll out new assets to keep up with them.

Digital marketing may also come out cheaper than traditional marketing because you don’t need to account for the printing of your materials nor the lease for its display.

Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

One key pain point for digital marketing is that there’s a learning curve. So, you may need to shell out money to ensure that your team is properly trained to have an adaptive digital marketing arm.

Additionally, frequent software updates can also render your marketing strategy’s algorithms obsolete, which means that you’ll need to constantly reevaluate and redirect your marketing efforts if need be.  

The Verdict: Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing

Now that you know the difference between traditional and digital marketing, you should know why both types are important for any company’s marketing campaigns. The truth of the matter is, for your organization to maximize its impact, you need to utilize both marketing types to succeed.

One problem that businesses often have when using both marketing types is that the materials they created digitally don’t come out the way they pictured it. This could be because the colors aren’t printed correctly, the size of the item was wrong, or the design looked too busy. These are just some of the common mistakes that occur during printing. This is why you should work with an expert signage manufacturer, to minimize the risk of making costly mistakes like these.

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