Customized Sliding Curtains For Trucks

Keep the goods moving while promoting your brand with Limkaco’s customized curtainsiders.

Transport Your Goods Efficiently With Retractable, Customized Curtainsiders

When transporting goods, time is of the essence. A few minutes’ delay in the loading/unloading process can affect the entire logistics operation of your company. At Limkaco Industries, Inc., we manufacture retractable curtainsiders for trucks, keeping business fleets in the Philippines on the move.

Save Time with Curtainsiders

Our curtainsiders and sliding curtains are designed to maximize the freight options of a truck by gaining the side loading versatility of a flatbed trailer. Curtains can be opened from the rear or front, allowing more people to fill or empty the truck at once, and cutting down the loading/unloading time significantly. Our efficient truck sliders also eliminate the time-consuming task of covering large loads with tarps every trip.

Promote Goods with Truck Sliders

Make your delivery trucks do more than transport goods. As a leading manufacturer of signage and tarpaulins, we have the technology to create heavy-duty truck sliders that bear your company logo or any brand design that can catch the attention of hundreds of people on the streets. In other words, our team will help you have moving billboards for your brand — without the need to pay for monthly advertising fees.

Our Products

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Retractable Side Curtain Systems

Go for retractable side curtain systems to let more workers load/unload goods at once.

Customized Curtainsiders

Our curtainsiders can be designed and built to suit your business fleet’s unique requirements.

Advertising Curtainsiders

Keep your goods — and your ads — on the move with our top-notch advertising curtainsiders.

Movable Strip-Curtain System

Protect your goods from spoilage with movable strip-curtains that act as extra thermal barriers.

Soft Side Curtain Systems

Soft side curtain systems offer easy access, making deliveries convenient and hassle-free.

Why Choose Limkaco?

Limkaco Industries, Inc. is an expert in sign and tarpaulin manufacturing. Our team produces retractable side curtain systems and advertising curtainsiders that stand out — quality and design-wise.

Superior Technology

Our facility uses advanced technology to produce heavy-duty curtainsiders that meet the safety requirements of commercial trucks but still offer easy access to your personnel.

Expert Techniques

Producing heavy-duty, customized retractable side curtains for trucks requires a unique skill set. As a leader in the sign and tarp manufacturing industry, our team has proficient techniques to get the job done.

Customer-Centric Company

Our customers always come first. No matter your requirements, we do everything we can to fulfill them. We’re not after one-off projects; we’re here to build lasting and solid relationships with our customers.

Collaborative Approach

We believe in collaboration. Throughout the project, our design and manufacturing teams work closely with you to achieve truck sliders that help your company reach its logistics and branding goals.

Curtainsiders help you maximize your freight options — and improve your brand recall. Choose Limkaco, the sign and tarp experts, to do truck sliders that keep your goods and brand on the move.

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