Snubbed: Why Customers Are Ignoring Your Signage

Businesses that want to attract customers and drive sales successfully should take steps to increase their visibility, and that typically begins with signage. Making and installing quality signs is an effective and straightforward way to boost foot traffic. If done incorrectly, however, the signage may confuse customers and result in potential consumers ignoring the products or services offered by a business.

If you find customers turning up their noses at your outdoor signs, these posts may be suffering from one or more of the following:

Dull Content

Merely promoting a product, service, or a brand with a price, an image, and a description does not make a “splash.” While the signage itself isn’t useless, it’s not noteworthy enough to attract many customers.

When the content of your signs are boring, you are giving your competitors a chance to overtake you with their engaging and attractive signage. Before you make a sign, ask yourself: “Will this grab the attention of my target audience?”

A key element to engaging content is that it goes beyond delivering sales and boosts brand value and awareness. When making the content, figure out how your signage will improve your brand.  

Unreadable Text

Even if the content of your signage is relevant and engaging, passersby will not understand the message you’re trying to communicate if they are unable to read your text. When making commercial signs, opt for bold and simple fonts that people can read easily from a distance.

Subpar Graphics

Apart from text, another factor that could undermine your signage is substandard graphics. Badly taken photos, pixelated visuals, inappropriately sized images, and wrong choice of pictures can cause people to ignore your commercial signposts.

When working with graphics, choose high-quality images that accurately reflect your brand. Poor-quality photos give off the impression that you’re either satisfied with half-baked work or don’t place much value on quality.

Best Practices When Making Commercial Signage

On top of fixing issues with the text and graphics of your signage, take note of following best practices:

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