Protect Customers and Employees with Acrylic Shields for Shops and Businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of disruption for the better part of the year 2020. Today, as more people begin to return to work and to their everyday lifestyle habits, it will become necessary for companies and businesses to become more proactive about protecting customers and employees. This means imposing stricter sanitation measures and installing effective protective equipment that reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

One of the most practical innovations in workplace safety in 2020 has been the adoption of acrylic shield installations. You see them in restaurants, placed on tables, between diners; at bank teller desks and cashier areas in retail shops. Proactive transport operators have installed acrylic shield guards between the front driver’s area and the back of taxicabs and minivans. They’re also starting to appear in doctor’s clinics, gym workout areas, and coworking space facilities.     

So why are acrylic shields so useful?

The origin of acrylic shields

Acrylic shields – also known by an F&B industry name as “sneeze guards” – are an American invention. Johnny Garneau, a 1950s restaurateur and early promoter of the restaurant buffet concept, wanted to prevent buffet display tables from becoming exposed to airborne germs.

To prevent close contact between diners and food and protect food from sneeze and cough germs, he developed – and eventually patented – a “sneeze guard”: tilted, transparent roofing that created a physical barrier between diners and food.

Today, his invention is an essential piece of equipment for food safety in the F&B industry.

More importantly, his sneeze guard invention has evolved and become indispensable in many industries, work, and community locations.

The advantages of acrylic shields for safety and disease prevention

International research continues to better understand how the COVID-19 virus is spread. A preliminary brief released by the American Center for Disease Control (CDC) states that a respiratory virus such as COVID-19 is most quickly transmitted through direct contact with infected people – either through touch or a handshake.

The other possible, but less effective, route of transmission between humans is through aerosol (droplet) contamination. It is believed COVID-19 germs can be spread by breathing, speaking, singing, coughing, and sneezing. However, keeping social distances of at least 6ft (1.8m) apart between individuals has shown to have helped significantly in reducing the spread of the virus – and not made the spread of the virus much worse than it already is.

Why acrylic shields will help your office or place of business

Acrylic shields will aid you in helping prevent the spread of the disease. It will allow to operate your workplace or business at higher levels of safety for everyone present – your employees and colleagues; your partners in business; and most of all, your customers.

Acrylic shields are growing in stature and recognition as a form of personal protective equipment (PPE), together with face masks and face shields. By installing acrylic shields in strategic locations at your office or business, you will be able to create effective germ shield protection against the COVID-19 virus.

Once you’ve invested in acrylic shield installation, it will serve you for a long-time as a measure of protection against COVID-19 transmission. Acrylic shields are transparent, scratch-resistant, impact-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing. They can be molded and designed according to desired specifications. They’re easy to clean and sanitize and will last a long time without losing their aesthetic appeal.

Want to know more? Talk to Limkaco, a leading acrylic shield supplier in the Philippines. We’re ready to assist you in making your place of business a safer place.

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